• Random Merch: Figurine Gumball Banks, Bad Jewelry, Pinata, Funko Pop shirts, and More!

    Those are actually really neat little figures on top of those banks. I wouldn't mind buying one just to cut the pony off. Though I wouldn't mind some gumballs either...

    Those were found at FairPlay in Chicago by Victor, and below the break, get a bunch more random merch!

    Random Jewelry

    Maximum cheapness! 

    Found at: Hobby Lobby and Target
    Found by: Blas and Annie

    MLP Canvas Painting

    Found at: Hobby Lobby and Target
    Found by: Blas and Annie

    Play-Doh Make and Style Ponies

    More in the Play Doh set. 

    Found at: Rexall Drug Store
    Found by: Nathanyal

    Colorable Rainbow Dash Shirt

    That is a really cute Dash.

    Found at: A.C. Moore
    Found by: Perfectly Imperfect

    Weird Baby Face Equestria Girls Dolls

    Some cheapo Equestria Girls dolls!

    Found at: Dollar General
    Found by: Giraffe Unicorn

    Dressing Table

    Found at: Over on Amazon!
    Found by: Jskr76

    My Little Pony Beauty Center Table Version

    Found at: Also at Amazon
    And an alternate version
    Found by: Jskr76

    Pull String Pinata by Partyrama

    Found at: Found over here!
    Found by: Jskr76

    Funko Tee Shirts

    Found at: Hot Topic's Interview With Funko CEO
    Found by: Teresa and Ayu