• Are We Getting Some Cheese Sandwich This Season? Cryptic Tweet From MLP Writer

    Something interesting may have happened a few days ago on Twitter buried in a reply chain for the My Little Pony CCG. As many of you found out previously, the collector cards like to leave hints of future episodes. It looks like the CCG is possibly following the same trend.

    Head on down below the break for some Cheese!

    For this one,  we need to start with the card. A Tweet from the MLP CCG twitter revealed one of the upcoming "Friend" cards from the game. His flavor text is the big one:

    "From Appleoosa to Ponyville, from chilly Yakyakistan to the desolate San Palamino Desert, if there's a party in need then that's where Cheese will be!".
    We have a few new locations there already, and could have ended it at that with some possible Cheese in the future, until MLP writer Nick Confalone popped in with this reply making it even more interesting:

    So, what do you think fandom? Is this secret hidden in plain sight a future appearence by Weird Al and Cheese Sandwich once again? Will it be this season or next season? Things are about to get interesting.

    I have a feeling after the Smooze episode, we are going to see a whole bunch of marketing for the rest of season 5.

    Thanks to James for sending it!