• More WUT?: Applejack Pony Feet Doctor

    From the creators behind the amazing Twilight Sparkle giving birth to herself pregnancy game comes yet another one, this time a little bit less gross. Applejack was a silly pony, and decided to barrel into a tree. It is your job as a pony "feet doctor" to heal her.

    And as a doctor, it is also your job to shower here and dress her up all pretty. Really it doubles as a pony dress up game. Who would have thought? 

    You can go "play" it over here.  Or get some screenshots below, because why not?

    Who's a silly pony? Your a silly pony. Who is? You is! Applejack!

    Apparently Equestrian trees have anger management issues. Or maybe the tree mafia is getting revenge after all those years of her kicking their kids?

    Ever since Look Before You Sleep, the OCD in me has wanted to clean off those muddy hooves. Finally my dreams have become reality. I am the best feet doctor.

    Trixiejack~ So pretty

    I give it a 5/10. They could have used more costumes, and that hat doesn't match the cloak at all. Who pokadots vs bats? Maybe we will see a DLC costume pack in the future? It would probably be cheaper than the Gameloft game at least.