• Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Sugarbelle / Ask the Diamond Embassy / Ask Cheese Sandwich

    Yep, delays again but with a reason this time! Between BABSCon and the insane amount of content we've gotten from season 5 premiering it has been busy as heck around here. Plus I'm working on a secret project which takes up more time. So much to do!

    At any rate, got a lovely mix of tumblrs for you guys today! Check them all out after the break.

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at [email protected] or my Twitter for review and filing. Mature themed ones (PG-13) are welcome as well!

    Update: If you have been featured before and were in hiatus and are coming back you can inform me at [email protected]! I am starting a section at the end of spotlights that will point out tumblrs coming out of hiatus so people can check them out.

    Shortly after a new premiere we get some awesome looking Tumblrs that show promise! For instance, back in season 3 we had the launch of Ask King Sombra which took off and has over 50 pages of content at this point! Now with the start of season 5 we have an adorable looking tumblr featuring Sugarbelle which certainly has potential.

    It may only have one update so far, but how about paying it a visit? Who knows, it might be the next Ask King Sombra!

    Ask Sugarbelle - Current Page

    I'm really excited to share this next one because we honestly don't see much fanart or projects regarding the Diamond Dogs. They were a one shot back in season 1 after all so it makes sense they'd be a bit forgotten. Thankfully, what is out there is quality and that brings us to Ask the Diamond Embassy!

    Starring the wealthy Diamond Dog Ceras Labragold, Ceras has found himself in the unlucky position of being the head of the Diamond Dog embassy in Equestria. Follow his adventures as he deals with his Diamond Dog brethren and make his way in a pony dominated society.

    Ask the Diamond Embassy - Current Page - First Page

    Ask Cheese Sandwich

    Back when I first received this tumblr it was just starting out so I've been sitting on it till it got some content and now is the time to unveil it, especially considering the creator just recently got back from dealing with technical problems!

    Ever wanted a second serving of Cheese Sandwich? Well, your prayers have been answered with Ask Cheese Sandwich! Staying true to Sandwich's character you can follow his wacky adventures in this ask style blog filled with some funny answers as well as great artwork. Check it out below!

    Ask Cheese Sandwich - Current Page

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