• "Castle, Sweet Castle": Episode Followup

    Hello my pony friends! This is your lovable local masked ferret handling this excellent followup. It was obviously planned for me to handle it because c'mon. Look at this ferret. Who else could handle that awesome but another ferret.

    Get Twilight cuddling pancakes and more below!

    Fluttershy showing off that she's cute even with her mane in slight disarray. Though, rubbing mud into your mane usually doesn't get rid of it. I do love how the animators do small little things that show a lot.

    This shot took my breath away. There were so many incredible backgrounds in this episode I'm thinking I'll do a post just to compile them all. Would you guys enjoy that?

    So this is the debut of two amazing new writers Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco. I'd say it  was an absolute knockout. Plus, how can you not love puffball Angel Bunny?

    Twi may have had her wings for a full season now. But seeing her flying still makes me giggle. I keep imagining that instead of teleporting, she flies. I'd love to see some flying mixed with teleporting.

    I see no apples in there Applejack! Good on you for branching out in your tastes. I know the idea AJ eats only apples is sort of old, but it still makes me laugh.

    "Hey gang, watch this. It's my impression of a birdhouse.

    "Oh pancake pillow, you're the only one who truly understands me."

    Twilight is showing off the latest designs from Bitaly. It's called "Shabby food".

    If someone wants to make a gif of this for me, they will have my undying joy and gratitude.

    "I was so nervous when I heard that they were making a Deadpool movie. But that trailer just made me melt." - Pinkie Pie

    "Um, Twilight dear? Shabby food hasn't been in fashion for almost eight months now."

    Dash, do we need to stage an intervention? I mean cider is delicious but dang filly.

    I almost lost it at the rarity doll. I'm eager to see plushie makers replicate it.

    Cue a beautiful song that was a great changeup from last weeks rather creepy propaganda marching tune.

    "Don't worry sir! I promise as soon as we figure out how to get a cockatrice up here without it stoning everyone, you'll be back to normal!"

    Pinkie better keep running. Those animals look really annoyed that she's hogging all the party hats.

    I love huge shots like that because they just beg for captions like "Don't worry, the insurance agent swears that it's covered."

    AJ showing off  her best attempt at best face of the episode.

    Ooh but Rarity counters with an impressive dry heave expression.

    "Finally! now we can break free and show the yellow one our true gratitude. You get the fun fur and I'll get the TNT."

    Digging the manestyle. Sort of a mix of Fleetfoot and Night Glider.

    "Uh, Spike. You do know that's a rather invasive procedure."

    Now remember guys, if you want to do this at home, just squeeze gently with your pecs. Otherwise you might do more serious harm.

    Rainbow Dash showing off what her grandmother used to look like after she'd had a few too many ciders.

    AJ showing off she still does scrunchyface the best.

    "Don't worry Twi, they told me it'll only last a few days and then I'll be even taller! Rarity'll love it."

    Tender bonding moments are the best. Fun fact, the music that plays in this scene is a recurring leitmotif in the series.

    Especially when they're followed by deliberate sabotage.

    Okay, am I the only one who really really wants that for my wall? I'm fairly sure it's riffing on a movie poster but what specifically is escapes me.

    Somebody's been studying their Ren and Stimpy.

    "Some days I love working on commission."  - Davenport.

    "I know I said it'd be okay, but well, there was a lot of evidence okay?"

    "Alright, I'm pretty sure the treasure map said it was buried on the Northeast side."

    Rainbow Dash may not always dress in style, but she knows a good deal when she sees it.

    "Hmm... Maybe a teensy bit higher."

    I found myself being really intrigued when AJ mentioned an idea, but this is really beautiful. Memories enchanted in jewels, or just pictures in jewels it's still a brilliant idea. As an aside, there are 94 gems on that tree. What number is this episode again? *Hint hint* Erk! Sorry, I was misinformed, there are actually 102. Thanks to the sharp eyes of Fluttershy_Z in the comments.

    This cake looks delicious. It might even beat the MMMM for tastiest looking cake.

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who didn't immediately realize the confetti cannon was in Pinkie's mane? 

    Once again, another amazing episode and congrats again to our new writers Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco. I think they're going to fit in just fine.

    As for your guys, what do you think of the castle's look? Do you like it or do you still miss the treebrary?

    Ferret out!