• ThaiPonyCon 2015 Post-Event - A Great Success!

    Thailand's first pony convention (with the adorable OC) has come to a close and with great results to back it up! With close to 500 attendees from 7 countries in attendance you can count this one as a complete success!

    Check on after the break for the convention report and a video showing all the fun!

    Thailand Pony Convention 2015, the first MLP convention in Thailand was a great success! With close to 500 attendees from across 7 countries, we had the honor of having a part of the Canterlot University team from Singapore as well as the Japan PonyCon team visiting our convention

    We would like to thank everyone who visited our convention, especially our friends from the Malaysian MLP convention, The Friendship Express like Daniel “St. Pinkie” Anthony for the inspiration, the wonderful people from Equestria Daily (especially Calpain!) for helping us get the message out, the amazing people at Stable-Tec Studios for the special sneak preview of Fallout: Equestria and most importantly, to everyone from near and far who gave their loving support for ThaiPonyCon 2015

    Twitter: Calpain