• Brony Hit by Two Cars Fights For Life

    Our community has always been a tight knit one and even though we've all had our differences it still hurts to hear about one of our own being hurt. Down in Alabama, fellow brony Sean Rey was hit by two cars on his way to work on his bike, one of which sped away.

    Sean is currently fighting for his life with skull, orbital, spinal fractures, a shattering of his pelvis and more sadly. As of now he is out of surgery and has been pieced back together the best they can, but it's a long, long road to recovery.

    If you're interested in helping out in anyway or want more information on the incident, check on after the break. You'll find auctions to participate in, a GoFundMe page to donate at, and videos related to the incident from the local news.

    Our thoughts are with you, Sean.

    I'm one of the Admins for the Bronies of Alabama. Recently, one of our members, Sean Rey, was involved in a hit and run accident while riding his bike to work. First one car knocked him off his bike and fled. Then another car ran over him and also fled. He is currently in the hospital with many injuries. We are pitching in some effort to spread word of his predicament to alleviate the burden on his family. 

    Charity Auction
    GoFundMe Page (Caution! Page has photo of him in the hospital after accident)
    Incident Article and Video
    Mega Charity Bundle!

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