• A Bunch of People Review: The Cutie Map

    I have to admit, episode reviews have always confused me a bit. There are some that do it well with custom animation and tangents everywhere making it more than just a "this is what I like, this is what I don't like", but the "box in the corner" style seems a little basic for something everyone is going to watch anyway.

    A lot of these guys nitpick stuff that makes me wonder if they have even been watching the same show as the rest of us for the past few years. Spike not being there to completely cancel the episode? Better complain! Party Favor pulling balloons out of nowhere? ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

    Have they not seen Pinkie Pie and... well any kids cartoon ever? FiM especially tends to pull plot points out of nowhere, so much so that they seem to make a big deal out of it for fun.

    I suppose that is the idea though. It's fun to complain, even if the issues you complain about don't exist.

    Below the break, 13 people have reviewed the episode across a bunch of videos. Some fall into that section above, while others just have fun with it. Those are the good ones. I'd highly recommend drawing your own conclusions from the episodes though.

    Anyway, Go get them all!

    (Update: I should probably point out as many in the comments have, a good majority of these stay positive. As with anything, don't let a few bad apples tarnish the entire community.)

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