• Season 5 Intro Title Changed To "The Cutie Map" on Discovery Family Site, Plus Marathons and G1 Movie Planned

    A whole bunch of random bits of news have appeared from Discovery Family as a whole.

    First off, the episode titles for the intro have been changed to The Cutie Map Part 1/2 as opposed to Cutie Markless revealed by Shout Factory a while back. Whether this is a permanent change or just a derp is still a mystery, but that's what the site says!

    And in other news, from 3:00 AM all the way to the episode airing, we have a pony marathon going on. Following that, a G1 movie will air for those that want a blast to the past. 

    Prepare for pony! It's coming!

    Thanks to Nick, @MackybeanRansom, and Sin'Dorei Pony