• Poll Results: What Kind of Relationship Do You See Between Vinyl Scratch and Octavia?

    Outside of their actual designs, these two have been completely built by the fandom. I'd argue that they have more history now than even some of the secondary talking ponies in the show. We may or may not see them in a future episode doing more than just hanging in the background, but what kind of relationship, if any, will they have?

    You guys voted, and the results are in. The #1 option was a simple friendship, followed by roommates, and a romantic relationship taking third. For once, full on shipping didn't win!

    Hit the results of that, and the April Fools poll up below the break.

    And onward to the next poll:

    Which main character's episodes are you most interested in season in season 5?

    If you are like me, your favorite of the mane cast isn't actually your favorite pony to see an episode revolve around. Fluttershy is adorable, but Twilight Sparkles are always my favorite.

    Now go! Vote away! Get HYPE!