• Music of the Day #471

    SOMBRA. That comic was awesome. Seriously go read it. You can listen to music while you do. All of that below the break!

    [1] Source
    Derpy Don't You Worry - ChickenSteve [Original Song]

    [2] Source
    Lunar Eclipse

    [3] Source
    RedSpark - Nights Together (original mix)

    [4] Source
    There Are Ponies Dancing In My Head (And I Can't Make Them Stop)

    [5] Source
    That's a Wonderbolt Girl - Pony parody of Louis Armstrong

    [6] Source
    [Progressive House] Brodub - Spark (Original Mix)
    Progressive House

    [7] Source
    Equestria Girls- Friendship Through the Ages (Royalpony Hardstyle Remix)

    [8] Source
    Art Of The Dress REMIX by DJ Swift Sound

    [9] Source
    Bad girls - TenderFlutter

    [10] Source
    EQG RR: Shine Like Rainbows - Arrangement by Ricardofr-200