• Music of the Day #472

    Remember that one time when Rainbow Dash had to dress up and act like a cat for a cat food commercial but got too into it and lost her mind? Good times.  Fluttershy adopting her was the best part.

    Get some music below!

    [1] Source
    MC-Arch. - De Nacht Engel.

    [2] Source
    I've Got to Find a Way (Dipi11 Remix)

    [3] Source
    Nicolas Dominique - Expedition (Long Ambient Version)

    [4] Source
    [Rap/Metal] The Vengeance Of Tirek (Ft. Stallionslaughter)
    Rap / Metal

    [6] Source
    Progressive Element - Equestrian Space

    [7] Source
    (PMV) I've Got to Find a Way (Brilliant Venture Remix) FREE DL!