• Nightly Roundup #1167

    I remember this show! Good times. Cartoons were awesome back then. Only Pony and Gravity Falls does the same for me these days.

    Unfortunately the roundup creator exploded and I lost half the entries. If yours isnt in here, hit the submit box up with a heads up and I will add it to the next one

    Now go get it all below!

    Pink Eyes Radioplay Sample Scenes

    Radio play with Pink eyes!

    Rainbow Dash Hide and Seek

    Not SFM for once!

    Rainbow Dash Cosplayer Explains why Conventions Matter

    Just an interesting little article if you are bored! Check it here.

    Phillipines Newspaper Posts about Pony Convention

    Head on over here if you are curious!

    Smile Song on Floppy Drives

    Monies for Bunnies Charity Event

    PonyvilleFM and Bow Bunny Rescue present: Monies for Bunnies! Rabbit Rescue Charity Event

    For Easter Sunday, PonyvilleFM is running a charity event for the rabbit welfare charity, Bow Bunny Rescue! We will be raising funds for the rescue with a radio show marathon, as well as raising awareness about animal adoption and welfare! We also want to get out the message that pet bunnies aren't gifts for Easter, they are forever!

    Our relationship with the Bow Bunny Rescue was an unlikely one that started when our station rebranded during April Fools Day to "BunnyvilleFM". We retweeted several pictures of bunnies and the next day, we received a Thank-You tweet from @BowBunnyRescue for retweeting one of their photos. We took a look at them and decided we wanted to support their cause this Easter Sunday!

    You can help out by donating directly to the Bow Bunny Rescue via PayPal and by spreading the awareness of bunny welfare!

    You can tune into the event on http://ponyvillefm.com/chat, starting at 4PM UTC/noon EDT on Easter Sunday!

    Donate to the Rescue via Paypal directly to suejohnjack@supanet.com


    MLP Meets Shakespear

    Crossing over even oldschool literature!

    Check it out over here!

    Fallout Equestria Project Horizons Chapter 19 Audio Book

    Get it here!

    Limbo Podcast is joined by VoiceOfReason, NickyvMLP,

    We talk with Tyandega about Mentally advanced, MLP FIM, Robin 0928, the importance of having a back up plan for work beyond you tube, basketball, rap (the rapping rain dear ^ ~), shipping, Dr Wolf,
    and so much more.

    Get it here!

    React Reminder: Season 5 Premiere

    Video here!

    [The season-spanning Bronies React "spin-off" continues! As with Season 4, submit your reactions to reactionsaremagic@gmail.com.]
    Archer Vs. Inspiration Manifestation

    Check it out here!

    I'm Brony and I'm Proud" Update

    Join ‘Lucky Knight’ at 20:00 / 8pm AEDT @TheHiveRadio. Tonight’s guest is the jumping Jess Flare (Content Creator and Gamer). Followed by a special PonyConAU edition of the program. We’ve had the daring Darky Marcrov Nikki (also a Content Creator and Gamer) and the zealous Zachary Krahe (reformed Brony and Content Creator) over the last few weeks, so check them out on our SoundCloud and upcoming YouTube channel.

    We're now airing every Sunday 20:00 / 8pm AEDT on The Hive Radio. Better timeslot and part of an expansion plan for the show. The return of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" sparks a new beginning for this podcast. Starting in April, a new age of "I'm Brony and I'm Proud" will begin. 5 jam packed seasons dedicated to the creatives of the fandom (bringing the show to a total of 70 episodes) and counting. We've also united with @CanterlotHill in order to grow with the US market and establish a more global audience. In other words, it's going to be epic and things may really take off for us.

    Thanks again to Black Gryph0n for letting us use “Proud to be a Brony” for our awesome intro and outro as well as the continued support everypony in Australia and beyond. Remember to like us and ‘Team Okay Streams’ on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ibaipshow and @TeamOkayStreams for exclusive downloads, updates and other content – YEAH!!! /)

    Kind Regards,

    Lucky Knight

    "I'm Brony and I'm Proud"


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    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ibaipshow
    Web: https://soundcloud.com/ibaipshow

    Cutie Mark Laboratories - Bronies' Effects On MLP

    Get it over here!

    Top Ten Pony Songs

    Check it here!

    Facts About Shining Armor

    Check it out here!


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