• Awesome New Music Information - Full Orchestra, New Album, Song Count and More!

    The panel here at BABSCon with the music staff had some huge news drops that we don't usually get at brony conventions. Some major things include a sound track releasing next week, song counts for the season, and more!

    Head on down below the break for all the details. The future sounds awesome.


    • To be released on April 13th
    • Features of the soundtrack include:
    • Catches up to all songs through season 4 excluding Pinkie Pride for reasons unknown
    • Includes one new song, a mashup between Winter Wrap Up and True True Friends
    • Blackgryphon is a vocalist on the mashup
    • Soundtrack includes a full version of Find the Music in You

    SEASON 5 / SEASON 6 / 2017 MOVIE

    • Reconfirmed Season 6
    • For the MLP Movie, there is a possibility the music team will have a chance to work with a live orchestra
    • 15 Songs coming up in season 5
    • His two favorites include one coming soon, and one later on

    Thanks to Pen Stroke and Gameleon for taking the notes!