• MLP: FIENDship is Magic #5 Released Today! - Download Links, Variants, and Discussion!

    "Well, quite a glittering assemblage King Stefan. Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and ... oh, how quaint—even the rabble."—Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty
    Lies, cunning, and deception are the tools of the changeling. Be wary of their silver tongues, for nothing that comes out of there is what is seems.

    At least that's what the competent changelings would be like. Of course Celestia wasn't exactly competent when she just let Chrysalis monologue right in front of her for a good two minutes.

    Eh, she's a good singer at any rate. Find the usual below for this tale of dreadful woe!

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    Variant Covers
    Regular Cover by Amy Mebberson
    Subscription Cover by Sara Richard

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