• Friendship is BATS for the #32 or #33 Andy Price Comic Cover!

    Bleh, bleh Everypony! Isn't vis a pleasant surprise.

    Ve do not have ze issue number for vis cover yet, but I have ze feeling that ve shall fine out shortly!

    Of course, no parody cover vould be complete vithout a breakdown for ze Mane Six:

    Fluttershy: Barnabas Collins
    Pinkie Pie: Nosferatu
    Applejack: Dracula (Specifically Bela Lugosi's)
    Rainbow Dash: David (The Lost Boys)
    Twilight Sparkle: Lestat
    Rarity: Vampirella

    So… do zese Vampire Bats give you a fright, now that they're eating apples all day and night?

    Special Thanks to Andy Price for the character breakdown (and correction), and for everyone who sent it in!