• Thailand Pony Convention 2015 Starts Offering Pony Passes for Purchase!

    The first huge pony convention in Thailand is kicking off the year with an announcement for not only the opening of their pre-registration, but a cool promo video to top it all off! While this con came out of nowhere a couple months ago I've got to admit they have really picked up steam since then. The best of luck to them!

    Check on after the break for the full presser and what you can expect from all the different ticket tiers.

    For the first time in Thailand “Thailand Pony Convention 2015” A convention for My Little Pony!

    Meet us on March 14th 2015 at ITF Silom Palace, Bangkok, Thailand!

    Tickets Are Now Ready For Pre-Order! Get your Ticket now And Win TRIXIE! , Special Lucky Draw Reward From The Cloudsdale Splash and Collateral Damage Studios!

    (Bangkok , Thailand) My Little Pony fans are sure to be delighted with the first convention ever in Thailand, “Thailand Pony Convention 2015”. Meet famous figures from the community, enjoy activities and check out products exclusively put together for this event. It will be held this holiday on March 14th 2015 at ITF Silom Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Mr. Patiwesh Chankasikupt, the owner of “BronyThai” community on Facebook and manager of “Thailand Pony Convention 2015″ stated that My Little Pony is a masterpiece that became a huge phenomenon in animation industry, spawning million of fans around the globe even in Japan, the show captured many hearts leading to an establishment of their very own convention. In ASEAN, Thailand will be the third country after Philippines and Singapore.

    In Thailand, there are thousands of My Little Pony fans with more than half of the fans being male. In total, males make up 59% of the audience. Most of the audience members are 15-20 years old, 21-25 years old, and below 15 years old respectively.
    The main objective of this convention is to develop the My Little Pony community in Thailand, make it even better and stronger, to promote self-confidence and talent such as drawing, singing, cosplay, including animation and to strengthen a bond between distributors and their audience here in Thailand.

    “My Little Pony has an amazing story which surpasses many expectations, there is no doubt that male audiences love it so much more than female audience. However, they still often have to hide from society. We want to give them an opportunity to express, meet up, and do activities together believing that this event will be a total success and able to carry on with an event of the same caliber for Southeast Asia in the future.”

    This convention will be graced by special guests such as The Famous MLP Thai Fandub Singer Tamanai090, also known as Mr. Kitti or Evangelion Negima The Thai Gaming Commentator and Mr. Manassavin Malevong The Thai Voice Actor, and also more other activities like Singing Contest, Game Card Competition, Cosplay Contest and even booths selling both copyright and fanmade products await you at the event.

    “Thailand Pony Convention 2015″ will start on March 14th 2015 at ITF Silom Palace, Bangkok, Thailand during 9:00 – 16:00 near Chong Nonsi station of the BTS Skytrain, you can search for more information at the official website http://www.thaiponycon.com/about-tpc/

    For journalists you can contact us for more information at the below:
    Mr. Patiwesh Changasikupt (Parn Kung)

    Twitter: Calpain