• Music of the Day #447

    Would you still love moon if she skipped 3 days of showers to race to lvl 100 in WoW?

    Go get some Music of the Day to listen to while we get this princess a bath!

    [1] Source
    Away In the Sky - Tyson Covering Mandopony

    [2] Source
    Lost - Sights Unseen (covering Electro-BLITZ & 4everfreebrony)

    [3] Source
    Assertion [FDS]
    Chiptune Drumstep

    [4] Source
    [Classical] Taranasaurus - For Her

    [5] Source
    *OuTbREaK* and DisCHORD - Yaystep (Kindness Kills Mix)

    [6] Source
    Official DJRedSkY - Serenity

    [7] Source
    MLP FiM Find the Music In You Ska Punk Cover

    [8] Source
    [MLP] Maybe - Original Sparity-Inspired Song