• Trotcon Announces Carrot Cake and Babs Seed!

    This ended up slipping under our radar and we apologize for that, but now we can happily present to you the attendance of both Brian and Brynna Drummond to TrotCon 2015! Brian, who is known mostly for his roles as Filthy Rich and Carrot Cake is teamed up with Brynna, who voices Babs Seed, at this year's convention!

    To check out some of their other works and for more information on Trotcon, check on after the break!

    Friends, life isn't all about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    OK, so maybe it is for some of you—and it's certainly our main focus here at TrotCon, too. But one of our two new guests at TrotCon 2015 has quite the impressive resume outside of ponies, so much so that we simply couldn't resist having him out.

    In 2015, we'll be having Brian Drummond, a man of many voices, at TrotCon!

    You may best know Brian for his work as Vegeta in the Ocean Studios English dub of Dragon Ball Z, along with tons of other prominent anime roles, including Ryuk in Death Note, Renkotsu in InuYasha and Zechs Merquise in Gundam Wing. For real, dude gets around.

    But that's not all! Brian has lent his voice to quite the rundown of characters in MLP:FiM, most prominent among them Carrot Cake (or Mr. Cake, if you will) and Filthy Rich, along with a score of other roles like Ahuizotl and even Dr. Hooves in an early episode. He also threw it down as Spike in pre-FiM content The Princess Promenade, Crystal Princess: The Runaway Rainbow and My Little Pony Live: The World's Biggest Tea Party. Where you at, G3 fans?!

    As for our other guest? Let's keep it in the family, shall we?

    We'll also be bringing Brynna Drummond to TrotCon 2015! You'll know her as lil ol' Babs Seed from the Apple family, the fourth member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Get ready to sing the song. The "Babs Seed" song. It's gonna happen.

    It's gonna happen hard.

    Fancy a visit with the Drummonds? Come on down to TrotCon 2015, held July 17-19 at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North. Badges are currently $45 for the whole weekend—and guess what? We're not done announcing guests. No, sir/madam.


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