• Artist Spotlight: Bronyseph / Bluemeganium / ScootieBloom

    Heya everyone! Going to be trying some new things with the Artist Spotlight in the coming weeks so please bear with us as we experiment with things. Don't worry, you'll still get a nice selection of awesome artists to watch!

    We've got a nice selection right after the break! If you're looking for submission information we're going to be closing that for a little while as we get caught up. Now, onto the artists!

    Twitter: Calpain


    First up on our list tonight is a digital master of different styles, moods, and expressions! While a lot of artists out there tend to stick to one sort of style Bronyseph dabbles in everything from the silly and sweet to the scary and dramatic. With a crisp style complemented by wonderful lighting and backgrounds you're sure to find something you'll like in his gallery!


    Next up we've got another vector artist, but what stands him apart from others of his kind is his dedication to nothing but background ponies! The unsung pony heroes of our show that bring our show to life are showcased here each week with a new show style background pony. Blue doesn't stop there though, his pictures are often genuinely funny and let us see a side to these ponies we wouldn't normally see in show style art. Check out some examples below!


    Last up tonight is a new comer to deviantart, but certainly not to pony, ScootieBloom! Utilizing a digital painting style, his pictures are smooth and soft like any traditional painting which works well for the majority of his work. Focusing on primarily cute, peaceful, and silly scenes there is promise in ScootieBloom as both a comic artist and a digital painter! Let's see how far they go!

    ScootieBloom's Gallery