• (Rumor) Third Equestria Girls Movie Information Popping Up? - Friendship Games

    At the London Toy Fair 2015, attendees were treated to a sneak peek at a lot of new Hasbro toys that are potentially down the line. One such set dealt with new Equestria Girls products for the supposed next movie which is to be called Friendship Games.

    According to an attendee to the fair who posted information on the UK of Equestria page the movie is likely to be coming out this August and a potential synopsis for the new movie was included in the guide handed out to those who went.

    We don't have a picture of the guide so it's just a rumor so far, but we do have concept art of the potential new logo for the next movie as well as possible toys that you can see above which are located here.

    Check on after the break for what the attendee saw in their guide in case you want to avoid any potential spoilers. Also available after the break are a number of toy concepts found on the Canal Toys website.

    Thanks to Ayu for sending it in!

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    More concepts from Canal Toys.

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