• Stay Brony My Friends Charity with DrWolf

    Hello again my pony friends! It's been a couple weeks since the last Stay Brony My Friends so that means it's time once again for a episode and a new charity to support. While this week's guest Georgia Ball had to cancel her interview due to family plans, the wonderful DrWolf filled in as a special guest!

    As I mentioned before, we've got a new charity with this edition of Stay Brony My Friends, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. A very worthwhile cause as not only friends of mine have been in that dark hole, but I was myself earlier this week. Participate now for a chance to win a copy of M.A. Larson's new book as well!

    Check out the full press release after the break for information on how to donate.

    Another two weeks flew by like it didn't even want to stay around! Nightmare Nights came and went and fun was had by all!

    Georgia Ball had to bow out of Stay Brony My Friends this week as her husband had planed an anniversary trip for them and she would not be available for the live show. BUT Dusty met the wonderful and funny DrWolf at Nightmare Nights and the good doctor stepped up to the plate and hit a home run as the fill in guest! 

    Lots of topics were bantered about, from analyzing to script writing to art to how the heck he makes SO MUCH CONTENT!!!! So much awesome content, check out DrWolf001 on Youtube if you haven't yet!
    And of course Doc came up with a great charity to support, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!

    There's just not a whole lot to be said about suicide and the need to support this cause. The case of Michael Morones has shown just how close and personal this is to all of us, and we need to do whatever it takes to ensure this never, ever happens again.

    The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention works tirelessly to help those who are on the edge, and to fight the pressures that push people there. This is an issues where life and death is decided by whether help is available right now. Supporting the AFSP is literally an act of life-saving.

    So drop on by Manliestbrony.com (http://www.manliestbrony.com/blog/?p=1330) and toss a few bits their way! You could win a signed copy of M.A.Larson's new book....now what was the name of that.......OH YEA! Pennyroyal Academy! 

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