• Music of the Day #404

    We need more SPACE ponies.  The comics did it, now the show needs to do it!

    Or get some Music of the day below.  Some of these sound pretty spacey. 

    [1] Source
    Lunar Symphony: The Mare in the Moon (Halloween Special!)

    [2] Source
    [3D MUSIC] "Sim Gretina - A Story Hidden Beneath Thorns" (Timeless Prophecy Remix)
    Instrumental - Semi-acoustic Reggae

    [3] Source
    Maressey - Is it Really So Strange?
    Vocal - Parody

    [4] Source
    My Little Pony - Hearts Strong As Horses [Rock]
    Remix - Rock

    [5] Source
    All Guitar Cover | MLP:EqG - Tricks Up My Sleeve |
    Remix - Guitar

    [6] Source
    Aviators - Shadows (Serrated Skies Remix)
    Remix - DnB

    [7] Source
    SDreamExplorerS - Neversleep (Dead Awakening)
    Instrumental - Atmospheric/Black Metal

    [8] Source
    Black Gryph0n & Baasik - Academy (Agents of Discord's Annihilator Mix)
    Remix - Breakbeat

    [9] Source
    REDD - Sick

    [10] Source
    Wolfdog - Greetings to the Unknown
    Instrumental - Piano/Eurotrance