• New Line of Squishy Pops Ponies Give the CMC Cutie Marks!

    A new lineup of those Squishy Pop figurines from a year ago has appeared, covering a wide array of new characters, along with the mane 6.  This big significant point here is the Cutie Mark Crusaders.  It's looking like they have assigned each of them cutie marks. 

    Is it a sign of things to come? Or simply a need to make something up for the sake of those keychain attatchments? I guess we will have to wait until season 5!

    Thanks to James, Quallzin, PinkiePie97 and everyone else for sending them!

    Update: Marks appear to be from this cookbook that popped up two years ago. Thanks to Nostalgia Schmaltz for digging up the info! -Cal