• 5 Ponies That Could Totally Use an Episode In Season 5

    The last four seasons have brought in a whole bunch of ponies that have rivaled even the mane 6 in popularity, at least in short bursts.  Personalities in ponyland tend to run with extremes, which makes for some very interesting characters. A few days ago we ran a discussion post asking you all which ponies you'd like to see in season 5, and after digging through all of that, we've used the feedback to formulate 5 ponies we'd like to see when we finally get some pony episodes going.

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    Maud is an example of one of those characters that takes a personality type and throws it into overdrive.  She grabs the most drab personality on the planet and makes it incredibly entertaining.  How many characters have you seen that can charm you by having the personality of a rock? This pony is golden.

    We saw a brief bit of Maud in Equestria Girls, but a full force return for season 5 would probably be pretty well loved.  A trip to the pie family rock farm is something a few people brought up, but Maud here actually has way more potential than that!  Her trip through Ponyville was a side event in her quest to earn a "rockterate" in rock science. I can only imagine a career like that would involve traveling to exotic locales in search of ancient minerals or delving deep into the earth for giant crystal caves. We need it!


    Princess Luna, AKA the dreaded POLL BREAKER seems to be relegated to CMC babysitting duty or background princess in the last few seasons.  If she isn't invading foal dreams, she is standing next to Celestia looking regal or yelling at Twilight Sparkle to stay indoors

    For those following the comics, the princess of the moon has had quite a bit of love thrown her way over there.  Her solo micro series edition is still one of the best out there. Technically if we follow the trend of the last two seasons, Apple Bloom is up for a duo episode with her.  That would be fun, but 24 minutes on her own, or with one of the mane cast would be even better as a second episode.  If this fandom has taught us anything, it's that there can never be too much Luna. Pollbreaker somehow wins everything, from episodes to best looking in socks. And for that reason,more Luna in season 5 could only be a good thing!


    After being evicted from Canterlot two season ago, and defeated yet again by Twilight Sparkle in the comics, one wonders what the Changelings are up to now.  Are the drones still mindlessly following their twice failed queen around? Have factions broken off to hopefully make peace with Equestrian society? Can you imagine how useful a race of creatures that can transform into anyone would be? Or how scary? Changelings have a huge amount of potential.

    We have seen villains return in the past, and Chrysalis here barely had any airtime outside of her fake Cadance form. I wonder what she would try this time? Or maybe we can skip Chryssy and just focus on some lone drones?


    Whether you are a fan of Equestria Girls or not, Sunset Shimmer looks good as a pony.  She most likely healed any animosity with Twilight Sparkle via her performance in Rainbow Rocks, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see Purplesmart vouch for her return, or at least visit to Equestria. 

    This is probably going to be a controversial option, but hear me out. This pony right here was on her path to alicorndom, the same way Twilight was.  Her greed was the only reason she failed.  It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine her as an extremely competent spellcaster.  Joining up with Twilight for a quick adventure around ponyland, or revisiting Celestia would make for an interesting setting for an episode.


    Put yourself in this ponies' horseshoes for a moment.  You are the mayor of a small town in the countryside, shadowed by the massive and prosperous Canterlot in the distance, and a train ride from the sprawling Manehattan.  Usually things are peaceful in the earth pony settled community, but roughly once a year something catastrophic happens and the town is obliterated. 

    Winter Wrap Up may be stressful, and this is about as far as we have seen her reaction to something going wrong, but how does Ponyville's mayor deal with the regular complete destruction of the city? From rampaging Ursa Minors, to Discord literally flipping the place upside down, a town elder really does have her work cut out for her.  How about an episode revisiting the old Ponyville destroying events, but from the mayor's perspective? Now that might be interesting! At least for a comedy piece.


    Over 1000 years. That is how long Celestia has been ruling Equestria.  She has outlived countless ponies, and done it largely on her own.  How does a creature so ancient work on a day to day basis?  How has she not lost her mind and started a colony of pony shaped fireballs on the sun?

    The Roman Empire lasted 1,480 years here on earth, and is considered one of the most successful in our existence. Celestia may be long passed that from what we have seen in brief glimpses of her and Luna's early lives. What crazy diplomacy does she need to negotiate with nearby kingdoms? An empire that ancient with a single leader for so long probably means Celestia's political skill would make Game of Thrones look like Candyland. I can't imagine everyone has always been pleased with her throughout her tenure as supreme ruler. 

    We need to explore that past! What significance does Discord play in her life? How is she doing at getting Luna re-aquanted with the modern world? Celestia is a blank canvas of potential!


    Coco Pommel

    Shes freakin adorable, but can they really run an episode around her? Her personality seems to be a cross between Fluttershy's shy and Rarity's interests. I'd love to see more Coco, but an entire episode might be a stretch unless they really built out her character.

    Derpy Hooves

    Most of me wants this pony here to remain a fanon thing.  Seeing her characterized might be a bad thing in the long run.  I'd still squee like a little girl if we did get a Derpy focused episode though.  I can't lie.

    Starswirl the Bearded 

    Seriously. It's Starswirl the bearded.  This dude has done more in the last 4 seasons without ever being seen outside of the comics than anyone.  Just give him some love already.

    The Hub Logo

    A testament to years of streaming episodes at 7:00 AM for our buddies across the world, this guy is plastered on millions of screenshots all over the internet from years of service.  R.I.P. Hub logo.

    And that about covers it! Obviously this barely scratches the surface of potentially awesome return ponies. We've had so many characters over the years, it's hard to decide!

    Oh and obligatory:


    I NEED IT.