• Music of the Day #413

    Twilight Sparkle bein' all majestic for your Music of the Day tonight.  Enjoy it.

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    [1] Source
    Jackleapp - Summer {Andante Skie Vocal Cover}

    [2] Source
    Flyghtning - Lightning of Loyalty

    [3] Source
    Winter Wrap Up (Instrumental Cover)

    [4] Source
    Festival for the Ages - The Crystal Fair - Reverbrony
    Celtic PRogressive

    [5] Source
    A True, True Friend (Notion Remix)

    [6] Source
    Official DJRedSkY - The Sky Above

    [7] Source
    Same Faces - Panic
    Progressive House

    [8] Source
    (100 Subscribers!) Totalspark and Gryphon - Ortus
    Electro Pop

    [9] Source
    Welcome To The Show (Daniel Ingram)

    [10] Source
    ♬ Princess Luna by Equestria Nights ♬