• Animation: A Mercenary by the Nickname Susanin

    For fans of post-apocalyptic pony material, we've got a new animation for you guys to chew over today! While Fallout Equestria is the fan favorite it is nice to see some pony material taking place in the STALKER universe. If you've never played the games, I highly recommend it and pickup Metro 2033 while you're at it (and the new This War of Mine).

    Not only is this a new post-apocalyptic animation it also comes from our Russian pony friends across the pond. We don't see too much hit our inbox from that side of the fandom despite how huge it is over there. Hopefully that changes one day.

    Check after the break for the animation and thanks to GrayFurStripe for sending it in and translating the title.

    Twitter: Calpain