• Mentally Advanced Series Nuked By Content ID Bomb

    It looks like Content ID has claimed another pony Youtuber, with the Mentally Advanced Series being the most recent victim.  All of the videos are now under Youtube control as opposed to FiMFlamFilosophy.  This means the videos can no longer use adsense.  For a content creator, not being able to support yourself through your videos, animations, music, websites, ect. makes it difficult to keep working on it due to the time investment required (*cough* EQD included, dat adblock). 

    A new video has been released by FiMFlamFilosophy detailing all of it. Hopefully they can get around the ID system for future videos. 

    (Note: This is also pretty big since he uses screenshots instead of actual video for this series now, meaning content id may be expanding to simple images)

    Thanks to David and Jimmy for sending it.