• Liveblog Recap from the Hasbro/IDW Panel at New York Comic Con

    Friends, it's time for something that all of us are interested in... comics, ponies, and Hasbro. Happening right at New York Comic Con is the Hasbro and IDW Publishing panel which could bring us potentially new information about various pony things. We'll keep updating this post below after the break with new information we gather.

    7:03PM ET - That's the end of that folks, thanks for joining us in our liveblog. We'll have high resolution photos posted shortly, stay tuned.

    7:01PM ET - Question: Will the comic series visit Equestria Girls after Rainbow Rocks? Answer: It is being discussed but no decision has been made.

    6:55PM ET - Katie says that she likes to write Rainbow Dash as Reggie from the Archie comic series.

    6:52PM ET - Katie Cook and IDW producers said if the fans want to see a Power Ponies comic side series, you need to let IDW know that you're interested!

    6:50PM ET - Question: Potential Power Ponies side series? Answer: We don't see why not, if the interest is there.

    6:48PM ET - Here's a picture of the MLP Villains variant cover.

    6:47PM ET - Question: Potential for MLP comic crossover with other Hasbro lines? Answer: Expect to see crossovers with D&D, Transformers and G.I. Joe.

    6:45PM ET - Question: Will we be seeing more of Princess Luna? Answer: Luna will continue to be in the main comic series and there are plans for her in the Friends Forever series.

    6:43PM ET - Someone asked about MLPFiM Season 5 and they said they have "nothing new to share at this time".

    6:42PM ET - Moving on to Q&A time

    6:41PM ET - If you're interested in Jem and the Holograms, they've been working on it for 3 years and it'll be released in 2015.

    6:40PM ET - That is apparently it for MLP... for now, they've moved on to Jem and the Holograms.

    6:39PM ET - They mentioned Issue 12 with Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle.

    6:38PM ET - Issue 11 of Friends Forever will feature Rainbow Dash and Spitfire

    6:37PM ET - New Villains variant cover announced, we're working on getting a photo of that.

    6:36PM ET - Issue 25 and 26 are titled "The Good, The Bad, The Ponies" featuring Applejack as the primary character.

    6:34PM ET - New Littlest Pet Shop hardcover comic announced... moving on to MLP!

    6:32PM ET - Discussing Dungeons & Dragons comics now. They're going over Legends of Baldur's Gate, any D&D fans out there?

    6:26PM ET - Discussing G.I. Joe now and "The Fall of G.I. Joe". With any luck MLP won't be discussed until the very end.

    6:18PM ET - They've begun by talking about the Transformers comics.

    6:13PM ET - Panel begins!

    6:10PM ET - The comic artists have arrived and are starting to take their seats. The panel begins in just a few minutes.

    6:08PM ET - Everyone is gathered inside the panel room and we've got eyes from the front row of the panel room.

    Special thanks to The Illustrious Q, PT, Ron and Michael for updates and photos of todays panel.