• Spitfire and Rainbow Dash Team Up for My Little Pony: Friends Forever #11

    Spitfire needs more love.  Our media guy Xyro can attest to that.  Luckily she is teaming up with Rainbow Dash for the upcoming Friends Forever #11.  Expect it to drop on the 19th of November. 

    As always, you can get the full summary below, along with a listing of who is working on it. 

    Thanks to Raul for sending it!

    (W) Ted Anderson (A) Jay P. Fosgitt (CA) Amy Mebberson
    Rainbow Dash is overjoyed when Wonderbolt Spitfire invites her to a special training camp. However, Spitfire is hiding a secret that she is ashamed to admit. Will Dash be able to help before the camp turns into chaos?