• DerpyCon South Final Pre-Registration Sale

    I heard great things about DerpyCon South based on last year's event and the folks over there want to make sure as many people as possible can join them for some fun this September. To sweeten an already delicious experience, they are holding a final pre-registration sale to help save some of you some cash.

    Piqued your interest? Check on after the break for the full sale details.

    For those of you who have been eyeing the our beautiful passes like a window shopper at a coach store, we've made it just a little bit more enticing to purchase one as we extend the pre-registration window by two weeks*!


    Pre-Registration Badges from here on out will be limited. However we will still be able to sell badges at the door. (But not at these last minute prices!)


    Alicorn Passes are now $500. there are 5 left!!!!
    Unicorn Passes (Sponsorship) are now $100. 5 Remain!!!!
    Pegasus Passes (Weekend) Passes are now $35. 50 are left!!!!
    Earth Pony Passes (Day) Are now $20. 50 and that's it!!!!

    get your caboose to our website and take advantage of this amazing Sale!


    *Sale ends September 3rd

    Twitter: Calpain