• Friendship is Magic is 4 Years Old Tomorrow! Plus a Stream Party!

    It's still amazing that we have been around for four years. The pony fandom is a blur. Who would have expected it to get as big as it did?

    To celebrate, there is a stream event for the next 36 hours.  

    Technically this madness began way back in the day on the Comics and Cartoons board of 4chan, and because of this, the party will be largely hosted by the early fandom denizens that now call /mlp/ home.

    Expect it to start at 12:00 Midnight EST on October 10th 2014 (so tonight) over here.  As anything involving the world of 4chan, I'm dropping a warning here letting you all know that there is the potential for some things that may not be the most safe for work.  They will be giving out prizes, running games, reading fanfics, and inviting a plethora of fandom guests though, so don't expect 24 hour live clopshow or anything.

    If you are from /mlp/, blame Capper for this post!