• AJ Day Music/PMVs/Covers

    All sorts of AJ material poured in over the past two weeks and of course that includes music, PMVs, covers and more involving our little orange filly.

    So lets rock out to some music for the element of honesty!

    Check the comments for some more awesome AJ suggested by our readers!

    [1] Source
    My Little Heaven

    [2] Source
    ★ AppleJack | REMASTERED | It's Time | PMV ★

    [3] Source
    [PMV] Applejack ~ Breaking Inside

    [4] Source
    Musical Film - Wake up Applejack!

    [5] Source
    Stop The Bats Stallion Cover by ScamMasterEddy2010

    [6] Source
    Flawless.mov 2: Apple Boogaloo

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