• NaNoWriMo Pony Style!

    Hey folks! So a kindly soul told me that NoNoWriMo is coming up and that there are some amazing pony authors who'd like to participate pony-style, but that they weren't sure they could.

     Well, I knew this was a travesty that had to be remedied and I'm proud to present NaNoWriMo - Pony Style! Or NaPoWriMo if you prefer. Don't know what NaNoWriMo is? Check out here.Either way head on down below for all the details!

    I...Woah. AJ and I weren't expecting so many people...Okay, settle down please.

     So, anyways the rules are going to be simple! The plan is to allow folks to list themselves on EQD as participating so we can all help each other out. I'll be doing weekly encouragement blogs, but having folks during the week to keep your spirits up will help everyone reach their goals. 

     What I need from you guys is an email to eqnapowrimo@gmail.com with the following info:
    • Author name
    • Goal (How much do you want to try and write? Remember 50,000 words means 1600 per day.)
    • What you want to write (Just a sentence or two, gotta keep some things mysterious.)
    Signup Submissions will close Oct. 30th at midnight EST.  So make sure to email me before then. I'd give you til the 31st but I want to be able to go have fun too.

     Anyone submitting after that will not be included in the final compilation post. This is to ensure I can stay sane too.

     A submission should look like this:

    Ziggy Stardust
    I'm gonna write about my awesome band "The Spiders from Mars" and how they're gonna have crazy adventures.

     If you've got all that, or none of that (But at least remember the deadline!) get planning and go! I'll do the first post on Nov 1st and list everyone who's entering and give some encouraging words to help you along.

     And if you guys want to give suggestions or advice on what helps you keep feeling motivated and ready to go, I'll try and use them in the posts.

    Anyways, that's all from me and AJ, We look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.