• Random Merch:Christmas Tree, Ornamanets, Advent Calendars, and More!

    Is it too early for Christmas? Cause these things just keep happening already.  This one was found over at Entertainment Earth for 40 bucks with a September 2015 release date.  Yeah, that's a year from now.  Either it's a typo, or retail holiday season is getting absolutely ridiculous.

    Thanks to jskr for the heads up, and get loads of stuff below the break! 

    Christmas Ornaments

    Back in stock at Toys R' Us.  Thanks to Framwinkle for the heads up!

    Advent Calendar Pony

    Found in the UK at the 99p shop by Blink!

    Hair Chox

    Found on an airforce base apparently by SpartaNinjaDrgn

    Spirit Costumes

    I've lost track on what ones of these we've posted, so have a repeat if these were up before.


    Thanks to Ashley for the links!

    Pencil Toppers and Stuff!

    Found at Target by Ultraanimefan1

    Sleepover Set

    Found at Walmart by Jskr!

    Art Set

    Over at Toys R' Us by Jskr