• Rainbow Rocks: Theater Etiquette Reminder

    While us hardcore internet denizens with our vast stores of reddit/4chan/twitter fueled knowledge and hardened eyes after years of misclicked links may see something completely different in the theater than the target demo of little girls, there is a time and place to make a note of it.

    Since we have already received an email or two of obnoxious pony fans driving soccer moms and their kids crazy in theaters, and someone recommended we make a note of it, I figured this would be a good time to link back to our previous theater etiquette post before Fox news dedicates a segment on why bronies are the cancer killing good ol' America or something.

    So, if you find yourself hitting the theater with 20 other excited pony fans, head on over here for a reminder on how to not scare the other people viewing it. 

    And have a (Rainbow Rocks Fan Reference Spoilers) funny image, because why not.