• Random Merch: Fashion Style 90's Pinkie / Pony Sunglasses / Sandwich bags / and More!

    These guys popped up on Taoboa, though I think a few have appeared in stores as well.  Hopefully you brushables collectors can grab some 80's/90's Dash and Pinkie in the near future!

    Thanks to Abbey for sending that one, and below the break, loads of random merch!

    Pony Sunglasses

    No idea if they have that UV protection thing!

    Found at the Claires section of Toys R Us by Lucy!

    Rainbow Friends Phone Case

    Found at Target by Zach and Duel Monster for $5!

    Sandwich Bags

    Also found at Target by Zach for $4 this time around!

    General New Walgreens Set

    Along with Nurse Redheart who also has been popping up.

    Thanks to Victor for the image! 

    Funrise Princesses back in Stock

    It looks like these guys are all over Toys R Us  Now

    Thanks to Draconis for sending it!

    12 Pack of Pony Puzzles 

    48 pieces?! You kids these days and your casual games.

    Found on Amazon by jskr

    6 Foot Ribbon

    For all you ribbon dancers out there.

    Found by Remington at Target

    Dash and Pinkie Friend Necklaces

    Such friendship!

    Found at Spencers by Twist3dPrism

    Pint Glasses

    Found at Walmart by framwinkle

    Pinkie Pie and Twilight Lollipops

    Taste the poni. 

    Found at Hot Topic by Framwinkle! 

    Pony Camera

    I wonder how well these actually take pictures?

    Found at BJ's by Julia!