• More Chupa Chups MLP Figurines On the Way, Including Doctor Whooves and Scratch

    Chocolate covered ponies are a delicacy in some places
    Figurines inside always results in happy child faces.  
    And even for bronies we have something to do
    Just be sure not to swallow them, or your face will turn blue

    For those in or around Russia, the Chupa Chups figurine line is about to be expanded to cinlude a few more characters in the semi-oddly shaped pony toy line they have going.  While the mane cast have been present for  awhile, Doctor Whooves, Scratch, and Spike will be joining them.  Unfortunately, these aren't too common in other regions of Europe, and especially not the USA (where I think toys in chocolate shells are banned?), but there is always the option to import them.

    Head on down below the break for more images!

    Thanks to Manderan for sending them.