• Story: Little Apple

    "One of the challenges of judging this contest lay in ranking stories that set out to do completely different things. This entry shows that a humble premise, well-executed, can hold its own against the grandest of world-building escapades. Perhaps the balance of nations does not rest in Winona's paws, but she certainly treats life with the Apple clan with just as much gravity." -- CouchCrusader

    [Normal] -- 9th Place in the Equestria Daily Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest

    Author: Oroboro

    Description: Apple is a funny word, one that Winona doesn't quite understand. Her family uses it to refer to food, to trees, to themselves and to each other. It's all very inconsistent. But whether she understands it or not, she'll always be there for the pony she knows as Little Apple.

    Little Apple

    Additional Tags: Life as Winona sees it

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