• BronyScot Announces The Ask Britannia crew, Ask Movie Slate’s James Corck, Twigileia and a special addition to Rock Nessie!

    The conventions never end as BronyScot gets ready to kick things off in a number of short weeks! They are pleased to announce a number of awesome community guests that will be showing up at the convention. Curious? Check on after the break for all the amazing talent showing up at the event.

    Only two weeks to go and I am sure you’re all eager to hear what sort of other stuff will be happening at BronyScot. Our schedule is almost ready to be posted on our site, so stay tuned for that. For now though, we have some very special announcements for some new guests.

    Joining us for the Tumblr panel are the guys behind the Ask Britannia blog! That’s Hazel Hooves, Mecha, Bethiebo and Sketchy Sounds (the very same who’s also performing at Rock Nessie!). We also have the ever-talented James Corck who’s the guy behind Ask Movie Slate, he’s also kindly drawn the artwork for the Treasure Trove Ticket print, which we’d love to post right now but feel it’ll be best to surprise you guys on the day. Also an extra large version will be up for grabs at our charity auction.

    Hazel Hooves is the main artist and writer for the blog, Sketchy is the project coordinator and other main writer, Beth is their secondary vector artist and Mecha is a contributing digital artist, he also runs the Ask Robot Octavia MK5 blog. They’ll be taking the stage to talk about all the important stuff that goes into being a Tumblr blogger and giving the secrets on how it all works. What’s brilliant with Ask Blogs is you’re getting the double whammy of both beautiful artwork and engaging storylines. 

    You’ll also be seeing Twigileia over on the artist panel and about in the vendor hall. She’ll be demonstrating the tricks behind digital art and providing helpful insight. Budding artists and fans alike will love every minute of this. Her artwork is remarkable and definitely talented. Her knowledge of art is hard to beat.

    Rock Nessie is happy to present Glaze!

    We’re not done quite yet! Joining Rock Nessie will be the one and only Glaze, or as some of you may still call him: The Wooden Toaster. Glaze is known for some of the most popular sounds in the fandom, such as Rainbow Factory and Lost On The Moon. Being a master of electronic music his sets are guaranteed to blow you away.

    Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Website for all the info you’ll need on the event.

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