• Nightly Roundup #1064

    The sunset has to be one of the best times of day. Super beautiful and peaceful, a time to reflect on the day since passed.

    Time to unwind and check out some news my friends. Get it after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    YTMLP 3: 26-35

    some more of the top 100!

    Shooting Star PMV Back on Youtube

    After being taken down for a time the author has reuploaded the PMV once again! Check it above!

    Floppy Music: WoodenToaster - Beyond Her Garden

    Some more floppy music for you guys to enjoy tonight!

    The Celestia Code Audio Book

    Got the first chapter of another audio book for you all tonight! Find it above.

    Rainbow Rocks Dolls in Brazilian Ads

    Looks like RR is ramping up in other countries as well! Soon it will be everywhere.

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    The Bronies of Southern Pennsylvania RR Meetup

    Meetup of the Southern Penn Bronies seeing RR

    Charlotte Bronies RR Meetup

    This is a picture that I took yesterday at a Charlotte Brony Meetup for Rainbow Rocks at the CrownPoint Stadium 12. We all loved it

    Bronies of Toronto Meetup

    On Saturday the 27th the bronies of Toronto went to the Yonge and Dundas Cineplex like we did last year to watch the new Equestria Girls movie. We all had fun and enjoyed the movie. Around 30 people said going on the Facebook event page created by one of my friends. Like last year, we took up a big part of the theatre! This picture by a fellow brony

    The Knights of the Round Stable

    We at Midwest Gamez Indianapolis Indiana have come a long way from our days of just 1 to 5 players. The first year of the CCG there were only about 10 players in the state, now we have 14 to 20 players on average! We started with one really dedicated player and grew one by one until we can finally had an abundance. It wasn't easy, in our store we deal with a deal of segregation from the masses. It's not easy being a nerd yet being attacked by other nerds for playing this game. but despite that The CCG Community here is gaining greater and greater numbers by the weeks. Because of that, it appears that the game is gaining greater respect than previously before. In time, I feel that the game can possibly take off much like other big shot card games. I feel that our group will yet increase as the game takes on and people become dedicated to the game that solves problems.

    Western Michigan Brony RR Meetup

    On September 27, 2014, approximately 30 members of Western Michigan Bronies braved the unusually warm early fall weather to see "MLP: EqG: Rainbow Rocks" at Celebration Cinema Woodland in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Everyone behaved themselves properly and there were laughs and applause aplenty, especially during a certain cameo appearance. Overall, a great time was had by all and with co-operaitve weather, this became an experience few would forget.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    The Entities Of Mayhem (Teaser Trailer)

    League of Legends Bronies

    LoL Brony Group looking for more friends! Find them below.

    Get more information here!

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    My Little Pony Scientific Theories: Meat


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