• MLP Comic Writer Ted Anderson Possibly Let Go at IDW

    We fired off an email for an official statement from IDW on this one yesterday, but haven't yet received a response back. The one most people are citing was sent out en-masse to a couple of people who were following along with a situation that popped up in regards to his support of an artist who has openly shown huge amounts of dislike for the brony culture and men in general over on her Tumblr. 

    If you have no idea what any of this is about, head on down below the break for a quick recap, as well as the email that has been floating around in regards to his removal from IDW.

    To start it off with a little bit of background, Ted is a writer behind some of the official pony comics.  Overall he has been one of the most open out there, offering interviews up to a plethora of different outlets and posting on pony boards openly. It's something a lot of the staffers do, and something that makes this fandom much more interesting.  It is dangerous when you support something controversial on the side though. 

    Now fast forward to the last few days.

    (From Cutosphere's opinion tumblr)

    The actual drama storm all started when an artist going by the name of Cutosphere over on Tumblr noted that she had been added into the My Little Pony 2014 annual as background character.  When people (4chan's /mlp/ mainly) started digging around on who she was, quite a bit of anti-brony, anti-fandom, and general social justice warrior fun stuff was found. 
    (Cutosphere's OC)
    Quite a few people were annoyed at this, especially when they discovered a shirt he was wearing from said fandom hating artist. People flooded his twitter and other places to communicate their concerns, which lead to a few posts by him over on a pony forum: 

    Once again, people exploded, angered about his opinions on the subject as a public figure, which lead to emails to IDW. 

    And of course, the usual silly comics, with one in particular making the rounds from Ask Fury Belle:

    (Click for full - Language Warning)

    Fast forward to yesterday, and this was the email sent out to all of the people that sent their grievances to IDW.  As I mentioned before, we still can't completely confirm it (as we haven't received an official statement yet), but it is what most people are currently using:  

    So, there you have it. There were a few other instances, but they venture into the NSFW territory that we typically don't explore too often.  Until more information pops up, we have only the email above posted by several people as evidence.

    In my honest opinion, I feel bad for the guy if this all does turn out completely true.  It's pretty easy for the internet to cling to something and even easier to say something you really didn't mean to say.  To lose a job over it can be rough. Outside of the background pony no one noticed until it was pointed out, he really didn't bring his personal life into the actual comics. I don't agree with his opinions based on those forum posts above, but I don't agree with a lot of people on the internet.  That's what makes it so great!

    If we get official confirmation, we will toss out a followup.