• Random Merch: Magnetic Dressup Set, Equestria Girls Stuff, Halloween Display, and More!

    Remember those old flash games that let you customize things? Have a physical version of that.  Up above we have a magnetized 25 piece set with Cadance as the focus. If you want it, it was spotted by MyBoyJ at TJ MAXX

    And below the break, loads of random merch! Now go!

    Octavia Now in Stock on Amazon

    For all you Rainbow Rocks doll collectors.  Get her over here!

    Thansk to jskr for the heads up.

    Rainbow Rocks Shirt

    Found over at Kmart by Rick

    Nail Stuff

    Paint them nails

     Found at Toys R' Us in Canada! by Annadash.

    Perth Showbags

    Looks like a set of stuff for those of you in Australia. Specifics over here!

    Thanks to Brony Gamer for the heads up.

    Halloween Random Merch

    Full display found at a Canadian Claires store by Cosmo Gurl.

    More Puzzle Erasers

    Found by Sarah at Target!

    Dollar Tree 400 Sticker Pack

    Found at Dollar Tree by Lindsay