• Album Compilation - September

    Luna is all feeling playful and stuff, so go celebrate that with her via some music!

    Songs of My People - Freewave
    Crystal Skies - Ponies at Dawn
    Randy Newmane Presents: FIM Season 2 - BronyMike
    Summer Smash Up - Hackamore
    Watching Paint Grow - TheGrassSaysMooo
    Equestrian Clockwork - Viricide Filly

    Full album information below.  

    Crystal Skies
    Composer: Ponies at Dawn
    Genre: Various

    Description: We are please to announce the release of the latest album from Ponies at Dawn: Crystal Skies! This album has gathered together songs from great musicians nationally and internationally alike. With just about every genre you can think of, there's definitely something for everyone on this album. And you can be sure our quality is up to scratch as every song on the album has been professionally mastered, tying the album together with a consistently great sound. We could go on but instead we'll let the music speak for itself.

    Name: Songs of My People
    Composer: Freewave
    Genre: Various

    Description: It's free (like me) and is my fifth album. This time it's a whole album centered around the guitar. I've done a fair amount of EDM over the last couple of years but i finally wanted to do an album around all kinds of other genres; alternative rock, shoegaze, surf rock, heavy metal, folk, funk, blues, and country. Stuff you don't always see too many bronies doing. This gave me an opportunity to try more song writing, production, and singing this time around. I'm still learning but this was a fun new project. Some tracks are remastered oldies but many are brand new tracks. Many are done with new and old friends.

    Name: Randy Newmane Presents: FIM Season 2
    Composer: BronyMike
    Genre: Randy Newman

    Description: Randy Newmane is back! With 26 new songs all about season 2 of Friendship is Magic. After two years, he's finally finished writing and recording all-new songs based on every single episode from season 2! Enjoy the smooth, sultry sounds of his suave sibilance as he projects his piano prowess, performing piece after piece of pretty pink pony perfection.

    Name: Summer Smash Up
    Artist: Hackamore
    Genre: Parody/mash up


    It’s true! No one can get enough of Summer Smash Celebration, the new smash up album from DJ Hackamore (formerly DJ General Tso’s Chicken; formerly DJ Tanner)

    With over 51 sampled artists, including TARBY, KATY PERRY, KE$HA, TAYLOR SWIFT, DANIEL INGRAM, FOREST RAIN, FEATHER, DAVID LARSEN, CATS MILLY, ST. VINCENT, BEN FOLDS & MANY MANY MANY MORE how could anyone get enough of it?

    Take it from me — a real pony — Summer Smash Celebration is the new song of the summer.

    Name: Watching Paint Grow
    Composer: TheGrassSaysMooo
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

    Name: Equestrian Clockwork
    Composer: Viricide Filly
    Genre: Electronic

    Description: I like to think this is my best work to date, as well as a good way to get out of my comfort zone. Only three EDM songs here, folks! I've poured my heart and soul into this EP, some of these works are very personal, combining my MLP inspirations with what's going on right now in my head, in my life. This EP is just a way of venting, almost. Inspirations range from individual friends or ponies, to entire concepts like Twilight's time travelling, Equestria being entirely steampunk, life in Vanhoover, and obviously my own personal feelings, goals, dreams etc have all been poured into these seven (eight?) tracks. "