• Random Merch: Suffle Pony Game, Random EG stuff, Glowy Glasses, and More!

    I have no idea what Suffle is, but apparently these were given out for free if you spent over 40 bucks at Morissons in the UK.  No idea if it's still going on!

    Thanks to FluttershyFIM for the heads up there, and get some random merch below!

    Sparkle and Shine Wall At

    Found at Gordmans by Bahamut

    Series 2 Fashems

    These were found in the UK for those collecting them!

    Thanks to Lucy for the heads up!

    Equestria Girls Journal

    This one was found at a Claire's in Vancouver! Thanks to Ryan for sending it.

    Playing Cards and Tin

    Get it over on Amazon! Thanks to jskr for the heads up!

    Color N Glow Assortment Set

    Found over at Toys R' Us. 

    Peel and Press Stickers

    Found at Target! thanks to jskr for the heads up again!

    Glow Glasses

    Also found at Target!

    Equestria Girls Claires Stuff

    All of these are available over on the Claires website.

    Thanks to Sarah for sending it.