• Have You Seen Rainbow Rocks? What Did You Think?

    Two theater days have gone by (the only days for most theaters, with the ones here in AZ only doing a single day), and many without access to it have ventured into the world of low quality streams due to the flood of spoilers currently taking over the internet. While people continue to watch it, lets get some discussion going!

    And for those still on the fence about actually watching it (8% according to the poll on the side bar), I'm going to go ahead and highly recommend you just give it a shot.  It's no secret here that I wasn't a fan of the idea of humanizing the ponies and sending them to high school.  I started EQD because I liked the world of Equestria and it's pony inhabitants after all.  For me the concept of a doll line just sounded like the usual corporate cash grab, and chances are it probably was initially.  Luckily there is a separation between executives chasing stock prices and creatives, and the creatives made it work and then some.

    So give it a shot. It can't hurt right?

    Below the break, SPOILERS. 

    We will be doing an actual review later (Ferret and Kryptonlogic are currently working on it), but I'm going to drop my bullet point style below. 

    And in the comments, what did you think of the movie? Now go!

    Cliffnotes of awesome moments:

    • Maud Pie feeding boulder crackers? Amazing.
    • Sonata Dusk was the best siren? You bet.
    • Trixie pulling off the ultimate cockblock for twaifu fans everywhere? Fandom saviour. 
    • Twilight Sparkle continues to write with her mouth. 
    • Vinyl Scratch saving the day with the ultimate "pimped ride?" Possible Pandas overload, but still awesome.
    • Trixie being Trixie? Very Trixie. Much 3rd person. They write the best Trixie.
    • Lyra and Bonbon piano duet? If only we could have heard it. 
    • Octavia with a British accent? Perfect 
    • Awesome as I want to be? My favorite song (don't hate me) 
    • Science Sparkle cliffhanger?  Suddenly I really want a 3rd movie. 
    • Sunset Shimmer is the best redeemed character
    • Derpy playing the saw
    • Too many other things to list!

    Even if I'd of course prefer ponies in ponyland for a movie, this was more than enough to make me happy. 

    Also this: