• The Overmare Studios Releases Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

    The Overmare Studios has been teasing their game version of the popular Fallout: Equestria for awhile now with posts here and there about certain features, gameplay, and graphics but now for the first time we have some pre-alpha gameplay footage courtesy of the team! I must say that while I have never read the story itself I can see myself getting into this game I think. If anything I bet FoE fans will be pleased with the progress!

    Check on after the break for the new gameplay footage and their press release.

    Thanks again to everyone who has attended our convention panels in the last month or so.  In those panels, we presented gameplay footage of Stable 2 and the player’s character interacting with NPCs.  We were going to originally release that footage on its own, but we decided to make an even better video to demonstrate what we have achieved thus far.

    Thank you again for sticking with us for as long as you have!  We are making steady progress, and we hope to have a demonstration of the next phase of the game in the coming months.

    For more intermediate updates regarding specific components of the game (such as art or music), watch us on deviantArt, hear us on SoundCloud, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or come discuss the project in detail in our forums.

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