• Discussion/Rumor Mongering: (Spoilers Below the Break) - Big News Was Announced for Episode 100 at SDCC, And BIG Rumors are Popping Up

    This post is mainly going to be after the break due to it's spoilery nature from the SDCC panel a while back.  Some interesting rumors have been floating around though based on who will be guest voicing the 5th season of My Little Pony, and I love me some fun rumors.  Head on down below for the question and stuff!

    From the SDCC panel: 

    This season has the 100th episode, which is sufficiently awesome and focused on characters that have been on the show for a while, but mainly in the background. Coco Pommel returns for one!

    Background poinies are definitely getting some love, but who?  We've heard rumors from all the way from Vinyl Scratch and Octavia teaming up to an actual Doctor Who voice actor for Doctor Whooves (maybe David Tennant, AKA best doctor?).  That one has been floating around for a while now. 

    Obviously Coco Pommel is involved, so it would have to tie into that somehow. Wild speculation rocks!

    So, who do you want to see in it?  Is this going to be a big ol' shoutout to bronies?

    Hit the comments up!