• Toy Review: We Love Fine "Watch in Awe" Trixie and Future Twilight

    It has been a while since I did a toy review. Blame the lack of good Trixie merchandise. Skip a season and a pony becomes a ghost. I see something Trixie related and immediately need to have her. Some would say I'm biased. I give up on refuting that. 

    As many of you have probably run into by now if you browse EQD at all, We Love Fine has been pumping out these new molded figurines for all of us to devour.  Apparently you guys liked them, because that seems to be the pony focus for WLF as we move into the haitus. Trixie and Twilight quickly joined the roster, with Nightmare Moon following afterward.

    So, how did they do? Do these two match up to the earlier Derpy release? Find out below the break!

    It seems like it was just yesterday when KP-ShadowSquirrel started pumping out the "spinny 3D pony" lineup over on Deviant Art.  We used to post them all solo just based on how cool they were.  In that mix was The Greatest and Most Powerful Pony.  Fortunately We Love Fine saw the potential in such a supreme piece of equine excellence and grabbed her for what you see above. 

    Between the two, she is definitely my favorite.  Something about that hunched over hooved stance ponies do when they stand on their back legs has always been really neat to me.  Blame Pinkie Pie for that.  The material is pretty much the same as the Derpy figurine if you have collected that one already, though Trixie is significantly heavier (which is a good thing). 

    I can't really complain about much with her.  I loved the 3D model in 2011, and I love the figurine now.  Everything from the creases in her hat to the billowing cape is included.  I do still prefer the double sided cutie marks that Funko has started doing, but technically, single side is traditional for pony.

    Onward to FUTURE Twilight.  This is probably one of the most unique collectables we have seen in ponyland so far.  I'm not even sure if I'd call her a full on pony still.  She is definitely the most complex of the figurines so far. 

    Along with uniqueness comes the details.  Derpy had an impressive muffin early on, but Future Twilight has all sorts of extra little things that make the figure stand out. Each tear in her body suit includes a flap of material molded right on there, with the mane being composed of over 20 individual spikes.  The eyepatch is not just drawn on like we are used to seeing in a lot of other pony toys (Vinyl Scratch's glasses tend to do this), but actually molded on it's own.  Unlike all the other ones, the base on this is a completely different material, and the flag is a completely separate piece you can remove if you want to.

    Quality-wise she's wonderful, but I have to admit, her design is different than what we are used to. While ponies standing still remain ponies, this went full on anthropomorphic with hooves.  She doesn't have that cute pony belly we usually see, and her stance is much more straight up (though mine is a bit bend back). It really depends on if you like that style or not for grabbing this one.

    Final Verdict: 

    So, are these two worth your money? At 25 bucks, I'd say so. Coming from the world of anime, seeing figurines go for so cheap when I sit back and watch my friends blow 100-200 on similar stuff for their favorite shows feels like cheating. Bias aside, the Trixie really does pull off the "awesome", and the build quality is even higher than their earlier figures.

    Expect the same quality level with Twilight, though It's really up to you on the actual design of her.  One thing is for certain, if people don't know you are into My Little Pony, and you aren't too keen on letting them know, she wouldn't give it away at all. 

    You can get Future Twilight over here, Trixie over here, and all of their figures, including the new Nightmare Moon right here! These tend to release in batches, so pre-orders are probably a good idea if you want them soon!