• OnlyFactory Doctor Whoof, Spitfire, Daring Do, Fluttershy, Luna, Coco Pommel, and Lotus Revealed

    Onlyfactory has apparently ramped up production on these guys once again.  The 12 INCHES line (is that what we should call it?) has a whole bunch of characters on their potential backer list.  Since these are somewhat unofficially crowd funded, they will only see the light of day if they hit their goals (300 1 dollar backings from the look of it per plush), so we probably wont see them flood ebay unless that happens. As always, use caution if you do plan to back these, as there is no guarantee that this site won't explode in a week.

    Head on down below the break for the rest of them!


    Thanks to Micheal, Zigg, and everyone else for sending them.